After 10 years I finally got the surgery…

I haven’t been able to write here for some time now. Its not that I didn’t have anything to write about, I’ve been so busy… With my Norwegian blog, snapchat and just had surgery its been hard to keep it all up to date..

But today I wanted to keep you posted on my latest news and thats my surgery.. As I wrote before I was overweight and the last 10 years I’ve been working hard to get my body back for my health and well-being. Everyone who’s on a diet or struggling with their weight know how hard this can be.

But I made it. I got from 123,7 kg to 69 kg and then they gave me skin removal from my tummy… I struggled with bad smell, rash and just bad condition between skin folds. Sometimes I changed 5 times during the day. And again this made my social anxiety rise high.

So for me to get this fixed is like a whole new world.. ofc I have to wait for it all to heal and I’m really exited to see the final result.. But in the end, I never have to feel or smell that again. And thats a huge change in my life.

I’m now been healing for 10 days and tomorrow I’m going to the hospital for my first checkup. I feel God and pain is almost gone. I guess its just to be patient and enjoy my time resting.. When its all healed I think I wanna share a before and after picture if I dare…


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  1. Congratualtions!!!! And, speedy recovery. My daughter, though she achieved a loss from 386 lbs to 145 through 3 years of nutritional diet and hard exercise, I understand what you were going through with the excess skin. Her insurance will not cover it but she longs for this very expensive surgery too. I am so happy for you to have recieved it and for this new lease on life and health. 💕


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