A whole new life and adventure❤️

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When a blog hits you hard!

I really have to share this story. Today I read a blog and it made me sit here in tears. It was so strong and honest it hit my heart. You can read it here:  Read me  Kerry's blog If this doesn’t make your heart beat faster and tears in your eyes I don’t know… Continue reading When a blog hits you hard!

The helpless feeling

The mental mess That feeling.... feeling helpless and small... still you have to get back out there and keep on fighting. Where am I gonna take the energy and strength from? So many times I just want to crawl up like a ball and shut out everything.Every bad thought, all the feelings and the constant… Continue reading The helpless feeling

Birgu candlelight feast❤️

Good evening all you Lovely followers:) Today i want to share with you This amazing saturday We had. This is also one of the need to experience when you’re in Malta. Like every other festivas they have here, they made this just perfect.  Birgu Fest: The Birgu Fest is a three-day event in the quaint… Continue reading Birgu candlelight feast❤️

i’m a geek and prod of it :P

I’m a geek and I’m proud of it!! And yes I may have used to many hours on my online games but you get so hooked!!! And most of all it’s relaxing. When I feel my mind starting to mess with me, it takes me away from the reality for a while. I used to… Continue reading i’m a geek and prod of it 😛

Casual summer outfit ☀️

Yeah I know it’s October, but lucky for me it’s still sunny and 24 degrees here:) if you’re like and easily freeze, move to Malta !! And I love that I can wear shorts and dresses every day. Usually I don’t like to wear all white, but this casual and comfy outfit just feels good.… Continue reading Casual summer outfit ☀️

Let’s celebrate our mental illness!!

Celebrate?? Yes I know it sounds kinda crazy. But just think about it this way: For way to long, ppl with mental illness has feel ashamed, diffirent , worthless and they have to fight so hard to get their sickness accepted. So many times I have explained myself and felt embarrassed for my issues. Why?… Continue reading Let’s celebrate our mental illness!!