A whole new life and adventure❤️

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Today I wanna write, again, something that's really personal and not so easy to share. Christmas!!! Every day now I read blogs, tweets, news and adds etc etc... And it's so much about gifts, what to get and what to give. Decorations, food, family, snow and how cheerful this time is. And the only thing… Continue reading

Early Christmas with the kids in Norway

December, snow, lights, presents and sooo cold.. We had a really good time last week. I went to Norway for my early Christmas with the kids. Yes, I can tell it's a bit weird to have it so early, but I do the best out of every time . My boys seemed they had an… Continue reading Early Christmas with the kids in Norway

My first days of december

First of all, sorry for no post or little comments on yours, but since I'm away and with my kids, the social media comes way down on the list! So it was the end of November and December said hello with some snow and it's cold when I ent to Norway again. I'm not a… Continue reading My first days of december

Words don’t mean a shit without….?????

Today's short blog is also very personal. But still it's something so many of you can relate to.... Trough my 38 years on this earth I have learned this the hard way. Time and time again ppl have giving me impression they will be there, understands and made promises. But suddenly they turn around and… Continue reading Words don’t mean a shit without….?????

Masks and walls…

We all do it! Either it's with friends, family or at work ,we all have different ways to show ourselves to other ppl. Choose what to share or not. When you struggle with anxiety or depression or other mental illnesses, the mask is constant on. Yes you might have a few close ones you show… Continue reading Masks and walls…

Some time off needed…

After some days off I will try write a blog again today. This is actually not easy since I'm an emotional mess. Nothing seems to go my way and I just wanna scream and cry. My last post were about being angry. And yes I am. A lot!! And everyday now stuff happens that's totally… Continue reading Some time off needed…