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Here comes bridezilla🤣

Omg omg omg!! Stress level 10 and rising..... You should think 4 months is a long time. Well not when you're about to plan a low budget wedding and your maid of honor is pregnant😜 So we do what we always do... Lists!!! I have my wedding book I use for everything. And I'm using... Continue Reading →

Anxiety triggers…

Its been a little while since I shared some of my experiences with anxiety. It's not always about the big attacks that leaves you gasping for air or passing out...But I think for many of us it's more about the everyday anxiety that keeps us from living in the moment and actually miss out a... Continue Reading →

Weddings on!!!❤

The biggest dream a girl can have.. Her wedding!!! We think and plan and want it to be as perfect as possible. But what happens in a girls head when she realize she only has 4 months to fix it all? Well, listen to this: We first decided to get married on June 1.2019. Then... Continue Reading →

Just some photos….

September...October....and before we know it its Christmas and the year is over. I would lie if I said I wasn't happy about it. Isn't it what we always do? I mean, after a rough path we sit there and wish for next year to be better. Well, never stop working for it. Our last two... Continue Reading →

So close to give up

A young girl struggling with her life, self worth and just couldn't see the meaning anymore . The pain was tearing her apart. No matter how high the screams or how many tears, she still was in the shadow. This was me... 11 years old... The very first time I almost killed myself. I had... Continue Reading →

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