We just made many dreams come true..

After we came back to Norway after 2 years in Malta we both felt a huge loss and was like a heartbreak. We love Malta but family and sickness made us take a wise choice. But now almost 3 years later out lives has made a turn for the better. I can't say we don't... Fortsett lesing →

Battle lost, but last fight gonna win me the biggest prize..

Over my heart..as a reminder Its 1.30 in the morning and I'm looking out on the streetlights. Its fog all over and I can't stop thinking about whats next? The winter is coming. Snow, more cold and a lot of long and dark nights ahead with a lot of thinking. So whats keeping me up... Fortsett lesing →

Never say never… or ever again!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned , it’s all about how you think your way trough life. If your mind isn’t there to follow, I believe everything will get a lot harder. The more you believe, the more you will accomplish. To say this and do it is of course two very different things. And... Fortsett lesing →

happy blog-versary to me💕

I couldn’t believe when I received my anniversary badge from WordPress today and saw it was already 3 years since I started this blog. I was a rookie and didn’t knew at all what it was all about. And also for me to write in English since I’m Norwegian it felt like even a bigger... Fortsett lesing →

It’s finally here😃

Summer vibes ❤️ Pooh how I have been waiting.. and longing and praying for the sun and the warm weather to arrive. And these last couple of days have been totally amazing. I hoped for more time outside but this week we have been moving so today was the first day we could enjoy it... Fortsett lesing →

Update on Corona in Norway..

Good morning everyone. I’m sitting here with my morning coffee and watching good morning Norway on the telly;) It’s so good to see something else than just about death and irons all the time. It seems that we are slowly going back to less sickness and maybe we can hope to see the light soon....... Fortsett lesing →

I’m a founder now!!

I’ve been a bit quiet since I’ve just started my own channel on snap for people with mental and physical problems . I wanted to use my own experience and give more back in a way that matters. And right now I felt it was time to release it . I’m so lucky that it... Fortsett lesing →

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