I’m a founder now!!

I’ve been a bit quiet since I’ve just started my own channel on snap for people with mental and physical problems . I wanted to use my own experience and give more back in a way that matters. And right now I felt it was time to release it .

I’m so lucky that it took me less then 3 days to get more people to guest the channel and now we are almost 10. It’s amazing how fast we are connecting when it comes to sharing or help in a way like this .

It’s only in Norwegian but it’s growing fast and I had no idea how much work it was to be the founder of something so important. I have a lot of fun, but I have to admit that the first 5 days I was exhausted. I have the control of everything from making the themes, pictures, making sure all my guests are doing the right thing and even share a lot of my own issues in front of so many people.

But for me this is like therapy. I have to take a better look at myself and I even reminder stuff I thought was well hidden in the back of my head. No wonder I felt I could sleep all day🤔

So what is this about?

I was thinking a long time about the name and I ended up with : Unspoken

I think it makes sense since we all think a lot and leave it there . To open up and say things out loud makes it all so more real and alone that can be scary and maybe trigger more. In this channel we answer questions, share our own thoughts and we give them numbers and places to go if they need help. We’re not professional therapist so we don’t give advice and just leave it there.

I’m proud of this and I hope it will continue to grow and help a lot of people who needs advice, a place to feel safe or just to know they are not alone;)

Hope you all are doing well and bless❤️

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