So we did it again

Yes we did it again... Once again we have moved to a new place here in Malta . This time the decision was pretty much taken for us. Our room mate decided he didn't wanna live with us anymore. And started to move without even telling us. So we had to find a place real... Continue Reading →


me vs you

You're the one turning your back on me. You're the one who never cared. You're the one who made me feel all I did was never good enough. And still you blame me!!! I'm the one with the scars.. I'm the one fighting the battle every day.. I'm the one who had to build a... Continue Reading →

Anxiety way up There

So it's been almost two weeks since my last post .... I needed a small break and I just got the famous writers block. And I'm sorry to all of you for not reading your post like I usually do. But I will be back... Right now I wanna share this moment with you. This... Continue Reading →

Our valentine

Good Thursday morning all and be late happy valentine❤️ I know there's so many of you who's single and feel that it's depressing to be alone on a day like valentines. And there's also so many that doesn't even care about this day. I would lie if I said I didn't care, but on the... Continue Reading →

No wonder I’m fucked up!

Last night me and my fiancé had a really good talk about deep stuff. And I mean really deep. I love this conversations, even though their a bit scary. Everything becomes so real when you say them out loud. I told him what I experience when my mind just take off and how frightening it... Continue Reading →

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