New beginnings, deep therapy and some new milestones….

One of the reasons I don't like summer is that everything is on hold. No therapy, no chance to fix things with the offices etc. They are all closed for summer and all we can do is wait. And I'm not that patient🤔 Almost a month now without any therapy sessions and I have so... Fortsett lesing →

8 days without smoke👍💪

Good evening peeps and here's to me on my 8 day without smoke. 👏 Not one single cigarette has been taken and damn I feel proud. It takes a lot of self control and strong will to not be tempted. So do I get tempted? Oh yeah! I still think it smells good when people... Fortsett lesing →

Day 3 without smoke!

Good morning darlings:) As you can se from the headline, I have stopped smoking.. it's only day 3 but so far so good. I got the usual abstinence, but for me the psychological part is the hardest. Like yesterday I went to our local cafe and my bff was sitting there smoking. It smelled soooo... Fortsett lesing →

A small taste of summer⚘

Aaaah summer 😍 The fresh air, some sun warming up my body and taking walks just because... So far summer has been all about rain, wind and weather changing so fast you can get a whiplash! But some days are filled with sun, smell of flowers and enjoying a nice barbeque. Hopefully july will bring... Fortsett lesing →

Do you?

And what exactly can we do to take better care of ourselves? Do we even know how to do it? Or do we use so much energy on others, their needs or wishes that we forget our own needs over and over? Many times I get the feeling that some people actually get disappointed when... Fortsett lesing →

Already Wednesday…

God morning everyone;) Here I am..awake..again...before everyone else..well this is starting to feel like a career🤔 Nevertheless, in the morning I do my best, and often worse thinking. I wanna solve all of my problems, any new idea seems smart and in the end I'm still more exhausted then I was last night. So today... Fortsett lesing →

Post Wedding Blues

Damn I never heard of this and I really didn't expect to experience this shit! Well, this is real...and it hits hard. You use months to plan, find the perfect dress, flowers, venue and the day arrives. Finally you're husband and wife...and bam its over... I think it took us about 2 days before the... Fortsett lesing →

Happily ever after💍🥂❤

It was perfect. I couldn't ask for anything more or less on this day I'm gonna remember forever. Our wedding day I woke up..really early and I realized that today was the day. It was only a few more hours until the big I do! I made some hot chocolate and went out to enjoy... Fortsett lesing →

I’m back 🤗

Hello all and so good to be back here. Since my last post( several months ago) we have been really busy. I've been blogging on a Norwegian site, moving..again and planning our wedding. And finally after months that seemed forever the big day arrived. I'm gonna make a post about the whole day later since... Fortsett lesing →

Here comes bridezilla🤣

Omg omg omg!! Stress level 10 and rising..... You should think 4 months is a long time. Well not when you're about to plan a low budget wedding and your maid of honor is pregnant😜 So we do what we always do... Lists!!! I have my wedding book I use for everything. And I'm using... Fortsett lesing →

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