Goodbye Malta..hello Norway

When I started this blog over a year ago I've moved to Malta , had a new life with my boyfriend and it was so scary and unknown. But I fell in love with the island, the culture and ofc the crystal clear water with the sandy beaches. It was not only a fairytale or... Continue Reading →


When you can’t sleep…

It's 1.30 am and I just can't sleep. I know why and I'm just sick of it... How can I sleep when my mind is pissed, sad and stressed off all that's going on? I'm sad because today the vacation with my kids was over. 5 days and now I have to wait over 2... Continue Reading →

I’m just awesome!

Hello hello all my sweet followers😀 Boy do I have a lot to tell you all about the week I had( not that it's over yet for me). If you read my last post you know I became an agent( or more of an assistant for my fiancé) here in Malta. So here's a short... Continue Reading →

An unexpected turn

Well, this week took an unexpected turn. Since my fiancé lost he's job last Thursday we had to reconsider our life as we know it. Did we wanna stay here in Malta and could we? Should he still apply for jobs in igaming or maybe it was time to think outside the box for a... Continue Reading →

Speak up!

I've been sugarcoating , hiding feelings, bitten my tongue and all this just so I wouldn't hurt or scare off the people around me. And for what ? I'm usually the one ending up getting hurt and feeling stupid. I've been told I'm not fair and that I can't feel this or that way....Ofc I... Continue Reading →


It's finally summer and I just love it!!! Warm nights and I'm hoping for many days at the beach soon. I just got back from my trip to Norway and I couldn't believe how hot it was there!! I live in Malta where there's 300 sunny days every year. But this spring has been colder... Continue Reading →

What if ??

Have you ever ( maybe a silly question) thought about what if when it comes to your mental health or the other problems in your life? I mean things could be a lot more different, or even really good!!! In my case I think a bit to much about what my life would've looked like... Continue Reading →

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