What if ??

Have you ever ( maybe a silly question) thought about what if when it comes to your mental health or the other problems in your life? I mean things could be a lot more different, or even really good!!! In my case I think a bit to much about what my life would've looked like... Continue Reading →


Look I’m on the front page on Greenide.com!!!

Good evening all you lovely ppl. I have to share this amazing news with you. I'm so exited about this I'm still shaking;) A couple of weeks ago I got a pm on Twitter from a site called Greenide.com Greenide is a lifestyle website full of entertaining and really good posts. They asked me if... Continue Reading →

I met someone …

I met a girl.. She was suddenly there when I needed it the most.... She gives and shows me that I'm not alone here.. She's younger but still so mature... I have only known her for a few weeks, but I know more about her then some ppl I've known for years... at least it... Continue Reading →

A break from myself

Good afternoon all my lovely bloggers and followers. Im sitting here with my cup of organic blackberry tea and just relax.. It's actually the most relaxed I've been in days and I don't wanna waste a minute of it. Earlier today I was just doing my usual thing. Sitting on the couch and gaming, when... Continue Reading →

Fight or flight???

It's been a while since my last post and I'm not sure how this one is gonna turn out yet. All I know is that I'm in a some kind of a black hole. The depression and frustration has hit me to hard. No it didn't just happened today.... this has been going on for... Continue Reading →

So we did it again

Yes we did it again... Once again we have moved to a new place here in Malta . This time the decision was pretty much taken for us. Our room mate decided he didn't wanna live with us anymore. And started to move without even telling us. So we had to find a place real... Continue Reading →

me vs you

You're the one turning your back on me. You're the one who never cared. You're the one who made me feel all I did was never good enough. And still you blame me!!! I'm the one with the scars.. I'm the one fighting the battle every day.. I'm the one who had to build a... Continue Reading →

Anxiety way up There

So it's been almost two weeks since my last post .... I needed a small break and I just got the famous writers block. And I'm sorry to all of you for not reading your post like I usually do. But I will be back... Right now I wanna share this moment with you. This... Continue Reading →

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