When hubby’s sick..🤧🤒😷

My poor hubby🥴 It's not that often he's sick and I'm not very good watching him like this. I guess it's the motherly side of me taking control over the situation. Wanna pamper him and guess I'm a bit much🤔 I don't think he minds at all. I mean who doesn't like to be taken... Fortsett lesing →

Do you know how your texting affect others??

There’s a lot about how we are not suppose to text and drive or not text while we’re angry and so on.But have you ever thought about how tour text are being received or how your words can change a persons whole day? Trying to have a discussion over texting is just stupid. There’s no... Fortsett lesing →

The world of vlogging….

I've been away for some time again and I feel bad for not keeping up with this blog. I've been using my Norwegian blog more and also I have been blogging as a guest for some really good snapchat vlogs about mental health. This has really made me get out of my comfort sone....It has... Fortsett lesing →

Yes or no?

Not long ago I wrote about how I might get some surgeries after big weight loss. I thought I had to wait many months to get the appointment at the hospital, but I called them on Friday and suddenly they had an opening already on Monday !! So here I am... Pretty nervous... Tomorrow I... Fortsett lesing →

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