Kids bullying because we are!!

This is not one of those post where I attack anyone , I just wanna share some of my thoughts about how so many out there still can be so mean.... Almost every week I'm a guest blogger on a snap channel and to be there takes a lot of me. Don't get me wrong,... Fortsett lesing →

Nevermind, I’ll do it myself👌

I actually thought that helping others will give me some good karma... I mean, all over....don't get me wrong, it's not why I did it! But what's wrong with the picture when the carnage seems to run you over with sarcastically stupidity from people you thought you knew🙈 Okey, I know I sound a bit... Fortsett lesing →

The world of vlogging….

I've been away for some time again and I feel bad for not keeping up with this blog. I've been using my Norwegian blog more and also I have been blogging as a guest for some really good snapchat vlogs about mental health. This has really made me get out of my comfort sone....It has... Fortsett lesing →

Yes or no?

Not long ago I wrote about how I might get some surgeries after big weight loss. I thought I had to wait many months to get the appointment at the hospital, but I called them on Friday and suddenly they had an opening already on Monday !! So here I am... Pretty nervous... Tomorrow I... Fortsett lesing →

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