How can I know it’s really my choice?

Sometimes when I sit here,usually when I'm alone, my mind wandering off. Its playing the game of what if and is it real? This game can take a long time and so far I haven't become the winner. But one thing is for sure,and that's the side effects of this mind game. Everyday a new... Continue Reading →


I’m sorry my mental illness makes you uncomfortable!!

I'm sorry my anxiety makes you bored and don't wanna ask me out anymore.... I'm sorry my depression makes your mood bad... I'm sorry my insomnia made me late for our appointment.... I'm sorry my fear made me cancel... again... I'm sorry I talk about my feelings so much.... I'm sorry I take my anger... Continue Reading →

So close to give up

A young girl struggling with her life, self worth and just couldn't see the meaning anymore . The pain was tearing her apart. No matter how high the screams or how many tears, she still was in the shadow. This was me... 11 years old... The very first time I almost killed myself. I had... Continue Reading →

It’s the small stuff…

2 years after I first landed on that beautiful island, I'm back in Norway... It has a bittersweet taste I can say. We have started to settle down here , but still a long way to go.... And I start to think about all I'm gonna miss: The food:We have eaten breakfast at Black Gold,... Continue Reading →

I’m just awesome!

Hello hello all my sweet followers😀 Boy do I have a lot to tell you all about the week I had( not that it's over yet for me). If you read my last post you know I became an agent( or more of an assistant for my fiancé) here in Malta. So here's a short... Continue Reading →

An unexpected turn

Well, this week took an unexpected turn. Since my fiancé lost he's job last Thursday we had to reconsider our life as we know it. Did we wanna stay here in Malta and could we? Should he still apply for jobs in igaming or maybe it was time to think outside the box for a... Continue Reading →

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