Today’s Facebook challenge🤣

I don’t know if you guys have noticed some new challenge on Facebook. Well today I saw so many putting out old pictures of themselves so I could be any less... I looked over my pictures and found this from when I was 18🤔I remember how much I really liked my hair at the time.... Fortsett lesing →

Banana pancakes 😍

Oooh I just love this tiny and tasty pancakes. They’re healthy, cheap and the kids love them. So what are they made of?? For this you only need 3 ingredients: 2 eggs 1 banana Sweetener You smash the banana, stir in the eggs and add a bit of sweetener. Then you fire them in the... Fortsett lesing →

My favourite time of the day

We all have some favourite moments during the day and my absolute one is the first hour after I wake up. When I have made my morning tea and having breakfast watching my favourite show. Just me and my messy hairdo meeting a new day on my own terms. This hour is really important and... Fortsett lesing →

Today’s therapy

Aaah it’s just so lovely ... Nothing can compare to a walk in the sun on one of the first real days of spring here in Norway. The winter has been so damn dark and depressing, so it’s about time we get back the bright days and slowly feel the sun warm up. I found... Fortsett lesing →

You deserve some happiness

Don’t listen to them. Don’t turn it all around at yourself everyone somethings goes wrong just because they make it your fault. Everyday we wake up, do our morning routines and go to work, school or maybe you are like me who’s home and working on yourself. One thing that really decides how tour day... Fortsett lesing →

The second heartbreak 💕

It’s infected. Infected with pain, tears, cold and simply a big empty black hole. It’s not what I’ve expected. To loose once feels unbearable, but to loose twice and have lost even more can’t be described. It’s like you walk around and waiting for the nightmare to end. And every time you wake up and... Fortsett lesing →