Love and mental illness…compatible?

First of all I wanna wish you all a happy new year. I bet many of you have a lot of wishes and Hope's for 2019? Maybe 2018 was a rough year and the only thing you wish for is some peace and quiet.... Today's post is something I've experienced and thought a lot about... Fortsett lesing →

I guess it’s just not for me..

To many feelings and to much stuff going on. And when you're really alone you sit there and realize theres actually no one to talk to about the most important things. They are either to involved or just doesn't give a damn about it. I have comed to realize people aren't for me. I'm so... Fortsett lesing →

Just some photos….

September...October....and before we know it its Christmas and the year is over. I would lie if I said I wasn't happy about it. Isn't it what we always do? I mean, after a rough path we sit there and wish for next year to be better. Well, never stop working for it. Our last two... Fortsett lesing →

So close to give up

A young girl struggling with her life, self worth and just couldn't see the meaning anymore . The pain was tearing her apart. No matter how high the screams or how many tears, she still was in the shadow. This was me... 11 years old... The very first time I almost killed myself. I had... Fortsett lesing →

It’s the small stuff…

2 years after I first landed on that beautiful island, I'm back in Norway... It has a bittersweet taste I can say. We have started to settle down here , but still a long way to go.... And I start to think about all I'm gonna miss: The food:We have eaten breakfast at Black Gold,... Fortsett lesing →

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