A small date well needed❤️❤️

One of our favourite restaurants was still open and we couldn’t resist to have a lovely meal... almost alone. The staff was always cleaning, wore gloves and didn’t touch more than necessary during our stay there. The food is always so amazing here. It’s an Italian restaurant called Il Padrino and it’s cheap actually. So... Fortsett lesing →

I just had to break down a little today…

Damn... it felt good.. just to break down and cry a bit. My state of mind is a big yes, no, hot, cold or whatever right now!!! What I do know is that I’m not good. I’m not ok and I have to act on it and let myself feel whatever this shit brings along.... Fortsett lesing →

Slowly getting back in shape

I’ve been feeling so tired and stressed lately, so when I manage to go for a long walk in the Forrest I feel like a million dollars. Specially when I don’t have that much energy but still put on my sneakers and just starts to walk. Today I tried a new route, and it felt... Fortsett lesing →

Banana pancakes 😍

Oooh I just love this tiny and tasty pancakes. They’re healthy, cheap and the kids love them. So what are they made of?? For this you only need 3 ingredients: 2 eggs 1 banana Sweetener You smash the banana, stir in the eggs and add a bit of sweetener. Then you fire them in the... Fortsett lesing →

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