Yes or no?

Not long ago I wrote about how I might get some surgeries after big weight loss. I thought I had to wait many months to get the appointment at the hospital, but I called them on Friday and suddenly they had an opening already on Monday !! So here I am... Pretty nervous... Tomorrow I... Continue Reading →

My anxiety kicked my ass last night!

Yesterday I had a good day even though I felt a bit weird. Well I'm just tired I said to myself and kept on going. Even though all the signs were there I didn't catch it! And during the evening the anxiety really snuck up on me and hit me like a rock in the... Continue Reading →


Today is the day when you learn to say NO! Today is the day when you decide to let go! Today is the day you start taking more care of you then everyone else! Today is the day when you realise that it doesn't matter how much work you do out there, if you don't... Continue Reading →

Just a morning picture🙄

Good morning from Norway. It's Thursday and I'm not quite awake yet. It's only 7 am and my husband just kissed me goodbye. Outside it's a bit foggy, but it's suppose to be sunny with about 27 degrees later so I'm really looking forward to a day with less pain. Today I woke up with... Continue Reading →

Day 3 without smoke!

Good morning darlings:) As you can se from the headline, I have stopped smoking.. it's only day 3 but so far so good. I got the usual abstinence, but for me the psychological part is the hardest. Like yesterday I went to our local cafe and my bff was sitting there smoking. It smelled soooo... Continue Reading →

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