We just made many dreams come true..

After we came back to Norway after 2 years in Malta we both felt a huge loss and was like a heartbreak. We love Malta but family and sickness made us take a wise choice. But now almost 3 years later out lives has made a turn for the better. I can’t say we don’t wanna go back to Malta, but corona is still heavy and it’s not right time yet.

So how is life now?

After one year living in a small apartment on the city, and yes it was really small. Like 36 square meters , we just moved back to my husbands hometown and rent a house on a farm. It’s one of my long time dreams. To live on a farm with my family, huge house and a dog or two.

So we got the house, I’m close to getting my drivers licence and next month our new family member is moving in. A princess called Glød. Alaska husky 😍 And we couldn’t be more exited. So I guess you could say we decided to stay in Norway a bit longer.

I haven’t been blogging for some time here since I’m working as a volunteer with anti bullying and have 2 snapchat accounts where I work for more help and less stigma with physical and mental health. We all have one and because of my story I feel I can help many others. I really love being a support.

My husband can’t work right now because og some sickness and he’s mother has cancer so we have been together almost everyday since February last year. Most people are amazed how we have grown towards each other and not apart. All the shit and mess only makes us stronger. We crawl up from the dirt again and again.

And how? How can two people with so much issues manage it all? Well, we take care of our relationship. We don’t take each other for granted and we talk stuff to death. We say the unsaid. Respect the feelings and the bad days. It’s called being supportive and strong walking side by side. It’s US and not me or you.

Hopefully I will be writing more often, but it’s not my first priority. Life is!! So make your life first priority and make the changes you need to feel satisfied. It’s not time we get back. But we can make the rest we have the best ever.

I know corona has made many people lose a lot. Its hard to watch the news and see how many lost their life’s or suffer after being sick. So take care of yourself. The family and please don’t think this is just another flu.


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