It’s finally here😃

Summer vibes ❤️

Pooh how I have been waiting.. and longing and praying for the sun and the warm weather to arrive. And these last couple of days have been totally amazing. I hoped for more time outside but this week we have been moving so today was the first day we could enjoy it to the fullest:)

We went out for some shopping and after years wearing the same bikini I got myself a new one and just had to put on a sweet tip over it😉For a girl living in Norway this is the ultimate way to dress and we all wait patiently all winter to take out our small shorts and skirts…

So the next couple of days me and my hubby is gonna enjoy the taste of summer on the roof terrace with some cold wine and strawberries. Doesn’t need to be much to enjoy life right??

Stay safe everyone❤️

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