happy blog-versary to me💕

I couldn’t believe when I received my anniversary badge from WordPress today and saw it was already 3 years since I started this blog. I was a rookie and didn’t knew at all what it was all about. And also for me to write in English since I’m Norwegian it felt like even a bigger challenge. So why English and why a blog?

It all started when I met my husband. He moved to Malta right after we started to date and it didn’t take that long after before I was there with him. And for me a new life and so many new experiences made me wanna share it all. I also always dreamt about writing and to share my life. Good and bad. I have been trough so much so why don’t use it for good? If it could help even one person to not feel so alone I was happy.

WordPress have given me a lot. I have got to know a lot of fun people, their stories and learned a lot about myself . This is a good platform with many good writers. I wish I had more time to read more blogs only….

So where am I today?? Well, it has become bigger than I thought. I have two blogs , one English and one in Norwegian. I also have a big snap account I’ve founded. We have like 1000 followers after two months and we vlog about physical and psychological issues. I wanna talk about all that matters. So I gave it the name: Unspoken.

All this together make my days go by. I have to handle it all and my guest and so on. It’s a lot of work . I don’t even knew how much🤣 But it’s fun. Just like blogging. Makes me feel good and I have something that’s all mine. I really hope I will continue this journey with all my thoughts put down in words to be remembered and read by others.

Happy WordPress anniversary to me😃

Xoxo 🌹

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