It’s amazing how much we can handle when we have to;)

Good Monday morning lovelies;) Woke up today after a good and eventful weekend. As some of you may know, yesterday we celebrated may 17. The Norwegian constitution day🇳🇴 And even though we have the corona to handle it was pretty amazing. The kids were happy and so were we. Well they missed the parade with music and kids, but instead they used cars and boats and those parades was so beautiful ❤️

Usually there would be thousands of people all over but instead the parades went around and we stood on our balconies and waved….I must say I’m impressed how well so many handled this and especially the kids. They were happy to have their flags, eat ice cream and listen to the music and honking from the boats and cars..

For me and my husband who doesn’t have small kids anymore it was really nice to be invited to spend it with our good friend and their 4 kids. For me some holidays are important and I miss the days when I dressed up my boys and went to parades and school for the fun. Watched their faces with big smiles.

Haha I guess I need some grandkids soon🤣Well, not so fast though , but can’t wait for it..

But me point today is that even with our corona situation, I’m amazed how we can handle this days still with the rules and restrictions. We stay apart, keep ourself a clean and don’t take chances. And when I see the effort most of us put in this it makes me believe in humanity again. Because we proven now that we can if we really must!!

Hope you all are safe and healthy❤️


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