A bit scared to breathe right now….

For over a year now we have been trough so many obstacles and rough times that never seemed to end well. So we were walking around just waiting for the next bomb to drop. This can be really exhausting for two people already dealing with sickness and mental health issues .

But there’s now this light!! A light has been lit and I must admit that I’m scared to breath properly since I’m afraid it will all go away. No I don’t wanna be negative or always see the glass as half full. But it comes from experience and not the good one.

And now when it all starts to fix itself and we have more luck then we ever imagined it’s all about trying to enjoy it and learn to breathe again.

It’s to bad if we’re not able to enjoy when something happens that’s good for us and I have to ask myself over and over why??? It’s not like we didn’t earned this.. we really worked hard and it’s our time to live again.

So that’s my mission for the next month. I wanna breathe, smile and feel damn good about it! Now is the time to change it all for the better and never look back!!!

I wish you all a great week and stay safe everyone❤️

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