A small date well needed❤️❤️

One of our favourite restaurants was still open and we couldn’t resist to have a lovely meal… almost alone. The staff was always cleaning, wore gloves and didn’t touch more than necessary during our stay there.
The food is always so amazing here. It’s an Italian restaurant called Il Padrino and it’s cheap actually.
So we sat there for about an hour and had our weekly date( proper one for the first time in weeks)

I was really amazed how weird it was to sit in a place like this, usually crowded and now it was like 10 people in the whole restaurant. And people was staying away from each other.

It felt good. Just to pretend to be in a normal situation for just a short while. And I felt a bit calmer when we went home again.



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    1. Almost everything is locked down, so I was amazed how far this restaurant went just to give a few at the time a good meal and a bit feeling of “normal”. 😳hope this all will end and in a good way soon❤️


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