Slowly getting back in shape

I’ve been feeling so tired and stressed lately, so when I manage to go for a long walk in the Forrest I feel like a million dollars. Specially when I don’t have that much energy but still put on my sneakers and just starts to walk.

Today I tried a new route, and it felt lovely. We have a lot of nice small roads here and it’s about time I start to use it.

It was sunny and windy as hell, but not so bad I didn’t enjoy the smell or the spring flowers along the side of the road…

I really hope I will manage to do this once a day and build myself up again to where I was a few months ago. I’ll admit that this stupid virus has an impact on me as for everyone else, but I can only do the best I can. Some things can’t be controlled, but fresh air and sun is free. And I met like 3 people in the Forrest so no worries about getting infected there.

Hope you all are doing well and bless❤️❤️


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