The second heartbreak 💕

It’s infected. Infected with pain, tears, cold and simply a big empty black hole. It’s not what I’ve expected.

To loose once feels unbearable, but to loose twice and have lost even more can’t be described. It’s like you walk around and waiting for the nightmare to end. And every time you wake up and realise this shit was real, you go straight back in the same state of emptiness and somehow you can’t seem to understand how this could happen.

A second heartbreak makes a person change for life. No turning back. No more excuses. No more trying and all there is left is tears, anger and all the questions about; what if???

Now the time has come to move on. But still have to carry the heartbreak along the way. Every sound or smell can hit like a rock. Will it ever stop? I don’t know… I guess only way to find out is to keep on moving . And I do! But it takes all there is and how I manage to fix it I don’t have a clue. Guess I’m stronger then I knew…

All I know now is that it was never my fight to win! Never my chance to fix it or to be able to fill that stupid black hole. My job is to make sure it stops now and doesn’t go any further. I’m taking back the control and say enough is enough.

So this heartbreak is the last!! I will get hurt but nothing can hurt me more again!


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