There’s a big difference between being right and having right🤔

I see them, hear them and experience the wave of stupidity happening to many times! When they have one common goal:

To make someone else feel bad!!!

Why do you ask? Well, I wish I knew. I guess this is just the way it is and how it’s always been for ages. Stupidity and negativity brings a certain people close. Otherwise they actually don’t like each other… And that’s only because they are more alike then they realise…

But back to business…. When a group of people seems to think that your pain, mistakes or life itself a it’s good topics for their jabbering over coffee on a crowded cafe every day it makes me wonder where did humanity go?

Why do some people seem to think that as soon as they get some information they can use agains someone else they are aloud to walk all over anyone no matter what !!!

They have no shame or no sense of respect and they always come in groups. And that I know why:

Alone they are not strong. They are to weak to stand up alone without anyone backing their words or actions!

It’s a huge difference between being right and having right

So next time you hear someone bitching over someone else: question their intentions and ask yourself , do I wanna be a part of this stupidity???


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