Do you know how your texting affect others??

There’s a lot about how we are not suppose to text and drive or not text while we’re angry and so on.But have you ever thought about how tour text are being received or how your words can change a persons whole day?

Trying to have a discussion over texting is just stupid. There’s no way the other person, or even you will read what they actually trying to say. It’s all about the word we choose and what kind of mood we’re both in.

The more we use our phone to communicate, the more we miss out on a lot of things. When we are sitting there face to face and really have a good old human conversation, we read the body language and can stop talking and think. We can see if we’re actually hurting someone or crossed the line.

I think texting is a simple way to avoid confrontations and we hide behind: I didn’t mean it that way!! Well, when you choose to take your problems over texting you have to consider it can be mistaken for something else. And that’s actually your responsibility to fix.

So why don’t pick up the phone and call at least?The voice can reveal a lot too and it’s easier to say sorry and talk it all out.

So next time you have something important to say , call or ask them to meet up and then you can avoid a lot of misunderstandings 👌

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