Kids bullying because we are!!

This is not one of those post where I don’t attack anyone , I just wanna share some of my thoughts about how so many out there still can be so mean….

Almost every week I’m a guest blogger on a snap channel and to be there takes a lot of me. Don’t get me wrong, it gives me a lot and the feeling of helping so many people using my own experience is priceless. What I don’t get is how stupid , mean and uneducated these young people still are?

We live in an age where people openly are talking and sharing about mental issues, how to help others who suffers and so on! And I guess my conclusion is this:

It all starts at home!!!We can’t expect these young people to know other ways to react or talk when they don’t have grown up role models to show them… And it kinda scares me.. a lot!

The kids are bullying because the adults are!

I have tried all my life to learn and evolve myself as much as I can… And I expect no less from my kids.And that’s my job as a mom. I have to arrest them when I hear they use names or talk down someone because they are «weird» or different .

We have to remember that it’s not anyone else’s job to raise our kids but us,even tough a little help from the society won’t hurt. Yeah we can blame the society, but so hard to change that and only thing we can do is show them that’s not how it’s done at all.

Back to my snapchat experience. I was really shaken up about how low someone can go just to make you feel like shit. I’m 41 and can handle it. But the age limit on snapchat is 13! And they can’t handle all this negativity without make it real in their head.

So I beg of all of you : talk to your kids. Give them reactions on their behaviour. And don’t say mean stuff about others no matter what. They copy what we do and I don’t want my kids to get bullied because someone else didn’t teach their kids how to behave…

Take their phone. Follow what they do online and don’t be afraid to put down your foot and let them know this is so unacceptable…


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  1. You’re spot on with this post. Kids hear their parents putting others down and because they see Mom and Dad ridiculing people, they think it’s okay.

    It’s a sad society we live in nowadays.


    1. Yes!!! I’ve heard adults talking down on their kids and about other kids around their own. I get sick to my stomach when I see and hear this. How we behave will show the young ones how they are suppose to be around others. It’s so wrong.


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