Happy birthday hubby❤️

Well it’s that time again and this year we finally get to celebrate together ❤️Last year he was at work for days and it wasn’t so easy to give him a good day. It was also he’s 40th birthday last year so I wanna do a bit extra for him .

This man is my solid rock. We’ve been trough a rough path and still we’re ended up stronger then ever😃 We have arguments like any other couples , but the communication is where it’s suppose to be. We are a team!! He got my back and I got his.

I’m so proud of you my love. Despite your illness and all the extra working hours, you take care of me, the boys and never say no when I’m asking for anything. I’m actually happy we had all of our «problems» in the beginning , because now we are united as one😀

Marrying you was amazing. It’s been 6 months since we tied the knot and I’m falling in love with you all over again. To look at you and notice I’m smiling makes my hearth go a bit faster.

When you hold me , the pain and fright I might feel sometimes , goes away and the whole world seems easier to handle.

It’s you and me and our family baby❤️

Happy birthday my love 🎉

Love from your wife💕

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