Hey! There’s a receiver on the other side of the conversation!!

Gods Monday morning to you all;) Today I wanna write a bit about what we sometimes seem to forget when we open our mouths and let the words run along without thinking. This is some serious shit and we need to consider that what we say might be taken another way then we actually meant for it to be taken.

Either if it’s a text, phone call, a quote on Facebook or a old fashion face to face conversation, there’s always a chance things being misunderstood or you might even hit a sore spot.

We all have things that make us go somewhere we don’t wanna go. A painful memory or something that even never happened. I’m not saying we have to feel responsible for everyone at any time, but when you notice they react in a bad way or even try to tell you that this ain’t right: stop for a second and listen!

We all might say things we instant regret, we wish we could take it back and we know it might hit us in the face sometimes. But we’re all human. We’re not perfect. We’re aloud to make mistakes, say the wrong thing and still be seen as perfectly respectful and normal persons.

Why are we often so quick to judge and not see ourselves in the mirror before we say someone is either this or that???

I know from personal experience that words hurt as much as actions. And when something has been said in anger , you might not ever be able to make it right again. This is so sad when you think about it.

So if you don’t have anything nice to say: shut up! You can say to someone that you disagree or what you don’t like etc. But first of all don’t speak with two tongues. Be honest, but in a respectful way. Don’t stick your nose where it don’t belong, just to hurt someone . You might be the one getting hurt and more worse: someone who’s totally innocent.

So next time you’re about to open your mouth or text while angry: Breath, count to 10 and maybe even see the situation from two sides first👌

Stick up for yourself, but never let anyone walk all over you. If they start playing games, don’t participate. Just make sure you see there’s a receiver on the other side of the words!!!



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