The world of vlogging….

I’ve been away for some time again and I feel bad for not keeping up with this blog. I’ve been using my Norwegian blog more and also I have been blogging as a guest for some really good snapchat vlogs about mental health. This has really made me get out of my comfort sone….It has also helped me a lot to be able to talk about all the stuff I’ve been trough and still experience on a daily basis.

There’s so many out there who’s just in need of someone to connect with or see they are not the only one. I get a lot of questions around my situation with the kids and about my mental illnesses. You might say I a bit more honest then many can handle, but I think that’s the way we have to do this.

To handle mental issues/disorders we need to speak up and not to hold back. And every time I get compliments or a big thank you for helping someone, I know it’s good! And I keep on sharing. It helps me while I help them. Actually the first time I had my guest Vlog I was exhausted!! I had it for 24 hours and all the energy it takes to talk about yourself, a selected topic or answer a lot of deep questions make you feel like you had the longest therapy session of your life .

Took me some time to get used to it, but now I joke more, I don’t erase and do more than one take before I put out a video👌Ao every chance I get , I will for sure use it for my own self confidence and because I wanna make a difference;)

I also started a YouTube channel, but it’s only in Norwegian and I struggle more there. (Guess it’s because I’m a huge perfectionist).

Hope you all are good and I hope to get more posts out here really soon🥰


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