Yes or no?

Not long ago I wrote about how I might get some surgeries after big weight loss. I thought I had to wait many months to get the appointment at the hospital, but I called them on Friday and suddenly they had an opening already on Monday !!

So here I am… Pretty nervous… Tomorrow I might get Yes or No!

I don’t wanna loose this now…

I’ve wanted this for so many years, but I was either to fat, not enough skin etc… so that’s why this time feels like it’s win or get lost🙈 I know I can try other hospitals if this one says no, but it’s a big strain for me to go trough all this waiting over and over.

Lately my skin has become more red, sore, got big «zits»on my ass and they hurt. It’s embarrassing to run because the skin on my arms make the noise of clapping hands, and my bellybutton is always red and smell like… well, I can’t even describe it… And all this because of to much loose skin that no workout can fix. After so many years at the gym, I would know.

I stopped smoking like they asked and now been without for 10 weeks. And for that I’m really proud of myself. I work out at least 3 times a week and my breath is so much better. So, at least something good came out of this if they say no.

Plz keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow, and I promise an update in the end of the day;)

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