Just a morning picture🙄

Good morning from Norway. It’s Thursday and I’m not quite awake yet. It’s only 7 am and my husband just kissed me goodbye. Outside it’s a bit foggy, but it’s suppose to be sunny with about 27 degrees later so I’m really looking forward to a day with less pain.

Today I woke up with a lot of my mind. Like yesterday’s post said there’s a new journey going on and we don’t know how this will end. It can actually end pretty bad and I have to prepare myself for anything that can come our way. But I’m really optimistic and I won’t stop until it’s really over . Wanna be able to look at myself in the mirror and say I tried it all!

So back to this morning.. I’m calm actually. So was thinking about making myself a cuppa, feed the nagging dog and just log in to my online game for and hour or two. Later it’s gonna be my daily power walk…

I’ve been without cigarettes for 27 days now and I eat a bit more than usual so need to move more. And since I have the dog at home this week I have company on this long walks. The walks makes me forget about smoking, all my fights and just calms down my stress level.

So how’s your morning ?

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