8 days without smoke👍💪

Good evening peeps and here’s to me on my 8 day without smoke. 👏 Not one single cigarette has been taken and damn I feel proud. It takes a lot of self control and strong will to not be tempted.

So do I get tempted? Oh yeah! I still think it smells good when people are smoking around me. I miss the cigarette after my meals and when I’m enjoying my cold beer in the sun.

Benefits so far:

I can breath normally when taking walks.

I smell better.

I have saved a lot of money.

And I just feel better in general.


I have again 2 kg already.

I get a bit more stressed.

My temper is moody.

I’m so munchy for anything.

So there’s always pros and cons in almost everything you do. But the main thing when you stop smoking is to have something else to do. Lucky for us the weather has been good so I’ve been taking long walks with the dog and just been outside a lot.

Went to the beach one day, and there I almost forgot about it all. Felt the sun on my skin and just relaxed.

And I really try to eat healthy snacks. And the strawberries are sooo good now:

So only 5 weeks left until my next doctor’s appointment!!


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    1. Ty so much;) That means a lot to me.
      Aaah you mean the doctors appointment?
      The reason I stoped smoking was because I was trying to apply for a surgery on my belly. And to apply I had to be without cigarettes for 6 weeks.


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