Day 3 without smoke!

Good morning darlings:) As you can se from the headline, I have stopped smoking.. it’s only day 3 but so far so good. I got the usual abstinence, but for me the psychological part is the hardest. Like yesterday I went to our local cafe and my bff was sitting there smoking. It smelled soooo good and i was close to take one. But i didn’t burst and felt proud. So in social situations it’s hard to not have the cigarette there.

So why did I stopped now? Well, I didn’t exactly chose the day or time myself. A couple of months ago my doctor sent a request to a hospital for me to get some plastic surgery. And to even consider me for it, they said I have to be smoke free for at least 6 weeks!!! So here I am, thinking about a nice cuppa and a cigarette.

The worst time is actually in the morning. It was like a ritual for me to take my morning cigarette with some hot beverage and enjoy the summer air. So what to do now? Haha I lay in bed 2 more hours then usual and I still make myself hot tea. Really trying to not let my mind miss the smoke to much.

Theres a lot of benefits when you quit smoking. Everything smells better already! The food taste different and myself smells a lot better. And not least to talk about all the money I save 😍

And I just have to say that I’m really lucky because my hubby actually stopped with me.Just for support!!! What a man❤

My major concern is that I’m gonna put on a lot of weight. I have worked so hard to loose all I have and now I have to be even more strength with myself. Luckily I eat mostly clean and follow the diet for fibromyalgia. If you struggle with pain or weight this is the way to go….

You may wonder what kind of surgery were talking about here.? After huge weightloss and 3 kids you get a lot of loose skin all over. This has become a major medical and psychological issue for me. I have worked out so many years and now theres no chance to tighten up anymore. But since I didn’t go trough weight loss surgery I dont automatically get to remove the skin. So I really pray for them to give me this.

The expenses for those surgeries are huge and will take all my life to save up for.

Why do I care about some skin?

I’ve been struggling with my weight all my life, and finally I started to feel better after months and years of taking control over my eating and working out. But when I started to get infected navel, the loose skin makes flappy noices when I work out and the skin folds makes me sweat everywhere. It’s not ok anymore. When you have social anxiety and this appears, it’s not a good help…

I don’t care about getting older, or my stretch marks. I’m 40 now. 3 kids and happily married. But it’s time to make something good for myself!!

I will keep you posted on this new journey of mine:) And wish me luck because I will really need it!!


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    1. I’m still without any cigarettes and going on week 14 now💕 And I feel great. I actually don’t miss smoking and I have lost 2 kg😂
      Really hope you doing good without to much problems💪


      1. Hope you are still doing good not smoking. I have made it just 14 days but I am still going . Your blog helped me to see that other people are going through the same thing. Hope I do as good as you have already done. Great job!!!

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      2. Well done🤘yes I’m still without cigarettes and 14 weeks now💪 You know, it’s a really hard thing to do, but so worth it. I miss it less each day. And omg I smell so good🤪
        You can do this and if you feel like talking just send me a message 👌


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