A small taste of summer⚘

Aaaah summer 😍 The fresh air, some sun warming up my body and taking walks just because…

So far summer has been all about rain, wind and weather changing so fast you can get a whiplash! But some days are filled with sun, smell of flowers and enjoying a nice barbeque. Hopefully july will bring more of those days.

My husband love to sit out and relax in my sun chair. He’s body struggle a lot when the rain comes so for him this is medicine.

The sun also bring more energy and what a good day to wash the cars. My son was happy to earn some money for helping🤗 We also played dart, football and throwing ball. It doesn’t need to cost anything to enjoy a vacation. Just have to be resourceful;)

The guys also went fishing, but the fish wouldn’t bite unfortunately. But they had a great time..even with mosquito and a bit chilly wind.

Summer brings the most beautiful sunsets. I took this picture after midnight and the whole sky was in gold and orange (really wish I had a better camera..its on my wishlist for sure)

We live on the countryside, so it’s a lot of places to go for a walk. Today I felt a bit blue, so I put on my sneakers and just walked down to our local cafe and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate with soya. Met some friends there also and it’s nice to have someone to talk to. Before I went home I also bought a couple of outdoor flowers just because I love to decorate.

What’s your favourite summer activity?

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