Happily ever after💍🥂❤

It was perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything more or less on this day I’m gonna remember forever.

Our wedding day

I woke up..really early and I realized that today was the day. It was only a few more hours until the big I do!

I made some hot chocolate and went out to enjoy the morning sun. Of course I could feel the nerves coming on pretty strong, and I started to get a bit anxious. But that didn’t last long. Suddenly the house was filled with kids, laughter and 3 girls my made of honor got for the day to do my hair and make up. And the hours just went so fast and it was time to go to the church.

And we arrived in style;

She held my hand all the way to the church and was so glad she was there. When we arrived I saw all of my 3 sons standing there waiting. And the first tears of the day came❤ The bells started to ring and we got ready to walk up the aisle…..the bells stopped and it was hard to breath…. the music (hallelujah by Leonard Cohen) filled the room and they opened the doors. I was really proud that my oldest son was the one giving me away.

He was almost as nervous as me… but he took care of his momma.

My eyes was filled with tears and the anxiety came a bit….then I saw him. The man I was going to spend my life with. Standing up there, looking at me and suddenly I felt so calm. It was like anything else disappeared. He was so handsome in his bunad.

And finally we were married❤💍🥂 This man was mine forever….

You can see that in our relationship theres a lot of humor and that’s one of the things that keeps us insane during the rough times..And the good times even better😜

The decorations was really beautiful. The venue is an old big building and we couldn’t asked for better service.

We had a three course menu and not one complain about the food or the dessert.

Our wedding cake was specially made for my husband. He’s a huge Manchester United fan and this was my special gift to him

The rest of the day was filled with lovely speeches, kissing, hugging, dancing and everyone really made this day so special for us. We had a toast master who took her job to a new level and made sure everything went without problems.

All this pictures were taken by the guest and I can’t wait to see the photos from our session outside:)

Later that evening we left to the hotel in Oslo and just enjoyed some mocktails, a hit bath and sleep . We were exhausted from the planning and the day felt so perfect. We had booked a huge suite in the middle of Oslo and we had chocolate and fruit waiting for us.

The next morning we woke up and my husband💍 gave me a morning present. It was so beautiful and I must say he’s taste is all that….well.ofc he chose me!!!🤣

So that was our day…well at least the short version of it.. And now..one week later I’m laying here next to my man and listen to he’s snoring: I love this one. Like for real❤ He made my life so much better.

So to you my love;

Ty for being you. Ty for pushing me when I needed it. Ty for taking in not just me but my sons and my family like your own. And ty for letting me know what real love is. I love you to the moon and back. I see in your eyes and my fear and sorrow disappear.

Forever yours, forever mine, forever ours ❤

Xoxo Tina

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