I’m back 🤗

Hello all and so good to be back here. Since my last post( several months ago) we have been really busy. I’ve been blogging on a Norwegian site, moving..again and planning our wedding. And finally after months that seemed forever the big day arrived.

I’m gonna make a post about the whole day later since it’s so much to tell;) But the day was perfect!

The road has been long and not without bumps. You who have followed me for some time, knows our life is never boring or without new problems to solve. But we made it! And I can finally relax a bit again.

And yes we moved again. Now we live with a friend of ours, who also was my hubby’s best man. It was really nice to move from an apartment to a big house with a garden and huge outdoor space.

The other day I started to fix the flowerbed and I can’t wait have some new flowers in it. ⚘ This is usually my favourite time of the year and without flowers theres no summer. I wish the rain will stop soon though.

Another new and wonderful thing that has happened is that I became an aunt again last Monday. He’s so adorable ❤

So next post will be all about the wedding from morning to evening…



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