Here comes bridezilla🤣

Omg omg omg!! Stress level 10 and rising…..

You should think 4 months is a long time. Well not when you’re about to plan a low budget wedding and your maid of honor is pregnant😜

So we do what we always do…


I have my wedding book I use for everything. And I’m using a whole lot of post it.

I also use Google to find a lot of inspiration for hair, markup and decorations:

First we wanted to have a wedding buffet, but I really thought it was more classic with a three course meal. And when your maid of honor can do magic with food you get awesome and yet simple results:

Flowers….What’s not to love about flowers? My favourite is lily’s and purple Rose’s. So that’s what were having. Ofc my finace will have the honor to pick out my bouquet, but I just had to give him so small hints:

And then we have the tables. That’s the easiest part. You can mix and match however you like. Here we also gonna have likes and Rose’s with a lot of silver and candles in different sizes:

As you can see, our theme is purple, black, silver and white. All the bridesmaids are gonna have lovely purple dresses and the tables will be covered with black and purple tablecloths.

And the wedding rings❤ My fiance picked them out and I must say hes taste is perfect🥰

So how far are we with the planning?

We have the church, venue, rings, food, well I guess we can say were almost there. And still I’m all stressed out…Haha I think that’s required when you’re getting hitched 😜

All I know is that when we say I do, and I walk out that church…I have won the price…

Until that I’m so happy we got so much help from friends and family. Ty guys. We couldn’t have done this without you all.

Have a great day everyone and ty for reading 🤗


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