Weddings on!!!❤

The biggest dream a girl can have.. Her wedding!!! We think and plan and want it to be as perfect as possible. But what happens in a girls head when she realize she only has 4 months to fix it all?

Well, listen to this: We first decided to get married on June 1.2019. Then we lost the church, my man didn’t get a stable job and everything seemed impossible. So I told him I wanted to put it off and maybe in a year or two we could talk about it again. It was a hard decision, since my dress was already in my closet🙈

But about 3 weeks ago I got a letter from the church to come to meeting in April.. I turned my head towards my fiance and asked what??? He hadn’t cancelled either the church or the venue🤣 Silly, romantic man of mine…He really was positive that it would all work out.

So okey we talked and decided to do this. We really want to get married.

So I called my bff in a hurry and she was ecstatic!!! She’s gonna help us so much( even though she’s gonna be 3 weeks away from labor)

And I tell you, in less than 3 weeks the Menu, venue, papers, decorations and invitations are already fixed… I feel like superwoman🤣 Only thing that’s a problem is my dress. I have lost a big number of kg so it’s almost 3 sizes to big..lucky for my my sister in law is a racer with her sewing kit!!

Me and my man picked the colours, food and flowers and we are gonna save so much money🤗🤗🤗

I’m so exited I cant breath sometimes. I’ve already been called bridezilla and told to relax.. its gonna be fine…dont stress. Well, try telling my head with OCD and fright of failing that…

But all in all this is gonna be amazing. I’m gonna marry my soulmate and nothing is gonna take that moment from us❤



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