Just some photos….

September…October….and before we know it its Christmas and the year is over. I would lie if I said I wasn’t happy about it. Isn’t it what we always do? I mean, after a rough path we sit there and wish for next year to be better. Well, never stop working for it.

Our last two months has been ups and downs and I think I rather tell with pictures than so many words…

Beautiful sunset in September. This is Nes in Norway.

We were so lucky to babysit this handsome fella for a month and he brought so much joy.

Every fall you can pick blueberries and lingonberries in the woods…

Two of my favourite 💜

My 16 year old wasn’t to sad about the new ps4 I bought..

Always so proud when the receive prices for hard work👍

Me and my nephew…sometimes it’s so good to have those quiet moments

No matter how many legs….when there’s treats…they know how to beg for it…

I have a special relationship to the moon…

Who said we have to be so mature all the time???

We got the oldest son home for a weekend and ended up gaming the whole time…

My fiance came home with this lovely roses…just look at the colours…

I’m a major chocoholic and my cup is my precious…no morning without💜

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and maybe you have some favourite moments in tha fall???


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