I’m sorry my mental illness makes you uncomfortable!!

I’m sorry my anxiety makes you bored and don’t wanna ask me out anymore….

I’m sorry my depression makes your mood bad…

I’m sorry my insomnia made me late for our appointment….

I’m sorry my fear made me cancel… again…

I’m sorry I talk about my feelings so much….

I’m sorry I take my anger towards you….

I’m sorry I cry for nothing….

I’m sorry for being sick and not be able to take my part of your life as I should….

I’m sorry for being so sensitive and misunderstanding what you say….

And I’m sorry for not being able to lift you up when your down…..

But most of all I’m sorry you can’t understand how the pain, anxiety, fear and constant depression have taken away my choices.

I really hope you never have to experience any of this. That you will live a long and full life with your job, friends and family and walk around like this can’t ever happen to you!!!


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  1. I related to every sentence you wrote. Every statement you made, reminded me of a moment (or two…or a couple dozen times) when I had felt any of these things. The one thing that i’ve been reminding myself is that my feelings are valid. Just like my feelings are valid, YOUR feelings are valid too. Great post xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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