It’s the small stuff…

2 years after I first landed on that beautiful island, I’m back in Norway… It has a bittersweet taste I can say. We have started to settle down here , but still a long way to go…. And I start to think about all I’m gonna miss:

The food:

We have eaten breakfast at Black Gold, Mussels at Papparazzi, Steak in Valletta and so much more. So many dates to Costa before work or a pastizzi in Sliema by the water. If there’s one thing the Maltese knows , it’s food!! All the festivas or other events means food and a lot of it. You never go home hungry;)

The firework:

No matter what time it was, morning or evening, there was always firework… And from our last apartment we could see it every night. The colors was spectacular!

The beach

The crystal clear blue water, golden sand and the sun warming is the feeling we all longing for . We lived in the paradise and sometimes we forgot what we actually had. Our favorite beach was ofc Pretty Bay.

Many adventures:

We have been to Popeye Village, The silent city (Mdina) Chinese garden and many other places. There’s always something new to experience and they even have enough churches to visit a new one every day of the year

All in all I will for sure come back to Malta even if it’s just to visit friends or go for vacation. Feels like I haven’t seen enough. I changed so much there and so did my life.

So I will really recommend Malta to be put on your bucket list❤️


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