Goodbye Malta..hello Norway

When I started this blog over a year ago I’ve moved to Malta , had a new life with my boyfriend and it was so scary and unknown. But I fell in love with the island, the culture and ofc the crystal clear water with the sandy beaches.

It was not only a fairytale or like a vacation. Like any other places the everyday life came up on us. We have been fighting hard for the life we wanted and that’s why it feels so bittersweet where we ended up.

So where are we exactly?

Back in Norway!!

Yes you read right. We decided it only three weeks ago, and here we are. Me on the couch waiting for my fiancé to arrive from Malta . He had to go back and fix it all by himself. While I was here … we got us a nice and cozy apartment. So hopefully we will be comfortable here.

But I miss Malta . All the road trips, breakfasts at Black Gold or walks by the sea. The fireworks we saw every night from the balcony. And the food!! I just love the food. No wonder I put on almost 8 kg last year😂

I have so many pictures , memories and no matter what Malta will always be one of my greatest adventures. No regrets and who knows… we might go back in a few years.

But now we need to focus on our new path… with new jobs, new home and cold and dark winters… brrrrr can’t say I’m looking forward to that.. But I try to focus on the good parts.

My kids, friends and family. Also the planning of our wedding. So as long as we’re together we can make anything work.

Bye bye for now Malta . I will miss you for sure😔

Out of sight, but not out of mind❤️



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