I’m just awesome!

Hello hello all my sweet followers😀 Boy do I have a lot to tell you all about the week I had( not that it’s over yet for me). If you read my last post you know I became an agent( or more of an assistant for my fiancé) here in Malta. So here’s a short update on this weeks journey.

The night before I was really anxious and stressed. So afraid not succeed or to make big mistakes. Even worse was the fear of having major panic attacks, fainting or even throw up. Yes this is every person living with anxiety worst nightmare!! I’ve missed the feeling being a part of something so badly and this is my chance to achieve something. Even learn something new.

What can I say!??? I nailed it!! I’m just freaking awesome at this😜 I had some anxiety attacks the two first days, but not so bad I couldn’t keep on working! I guess the main reason for my success here was my fiancé ❤️ salut to you my love💋 He helped me and was there beside me trough every step. After all this is something we do together. He’s got all the main responsibilities, so everything I do is a huge bonus….

We already rented out our first place the first day!!! When he came back from the viewing and smiling it felt so good. I haven’t seen him so exited in years. To see him succeed is the best. He finally got to do what ho does best😀

But I must tell you, this is not a 9-5 job and it’s not only Monday to Friday. We have been working up to 14-15 hours a day. Searching, calling and driving around with clients( who’s the best part). But it’s fun. It’s totally different from any other job I know, and to see how this business works is exiting.

And I must not forget about our colleagues. They are helpful, nice and we have a lot of fun at the office . Instead of only competing against each other, we make sure everyone are equals.

So there it is, my need for feeling a part of the society and a group is fulfilled more in a week than the last 5 years!!! I needed this. Had to see I could and get som confidence again. I know I have to careful so I don’t get burned out or hit the wall. Lucky for me my man is there and reminds me to take breaks and he never pushes me to do anything.

Today it’s Saturday, football on tv and the couch feels amazing 😉 Still works a bit ofc, but no work, no money!!

Have a happy Saturday and whatever you do: keep on fighting for what you want❤️

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  1. I’m so happy things are going so well. Working with your love HAS to be the greatest. Doing something you enjoy and that makes you happy is such a gift! Glad you have received it!

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    1. Yes Its great and i cherish every moment I have without anxiety or feeling sick🤗 ofc it comes now and then, so need to be careful and take some breaks👍 my fiancé is a rock and takes good care of me


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