An unexpected turn

Well, this week took an unexpected turn. Since my fiancé lost he’s job last Thursday we had to reconsider our life as we know it. Did we wanna stay here in Malta and could we? Should he still apply for jobs in igaming or maybe it was time to think outside the box for a sec.

After two years on this island , many igaming companies companies and 7 apartments we decided we wanted to do something completely different . And we landed on Real estate!!! Yeah you heard right…. I must admit we have talked about it briefly from time to time, so why don’t take a chance?

Real estate is a hard business and the paycheck is based only on commission. But here in Malta it’s a huge marked that can give you a good income as long as you are dedicated.

But the funny part about this was that today he was gonna have an interview, and I came along. I’m not sure how we ended up there, but now we’re going to work together!!! I’m like he’s own personal secretary. Haha who knew I was gonna do some work again. Instead of sit at home waiting for 11 hours for him to be done, I can be a part of this and we have even more to talk about.

I feel both scared and excited…. My anxiety tells me I can’t do this, but my curiosity tells me why the hell not??? At least I wanna try and I have my fiancé there. He’s the one doing all the hard work. I’m like an attribute and can make it all a bit easier.

So, last weekend before it all starts on Monday with training. I must honestly say I’m proud of how we work together every time we hit a bump in the road. Two years and still it feels like someone is testing us… well, bring it on cause no one can break this couple apart!!!

To be continued…….



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