Anxiety doesn’t come with a schedule.

One day you wake up, feeling energized and ready for whatever might come your way. Other days anxiety says hello with big words as soon as you open your eyes. You know this day will take all you have just to get the simplest things done.

Anxiety doesn’t ask if your ready for a ride or if you got enough sleep to ride it off. It’s just there like the most unwelcome friend and it’s like it knows when you’re having a busy day coming up.

I read a lot of good post these days about anxiety and depression. We are so many struggling and the topic is so out there. Why are so few even trying to learn a bit more? Are we really that busy that we can’t see when someone is in pain and changing from one minute to another??

My personal issue is that I have become way to good of hiding when my attacks approach, and I suffer mostly in silence. I know this isn’t what I’m suppose to do, but when the mask is up it’s easier to keep it than braking the silence. Tired of explaining and exposing what’s really underneath.

Break the stigma they talk so loud about. But talk is cheap and actions doesn’t become a sequel. Sometimes I really don’t know what’s more exhausting: Fighting anxiety or constantly have to explain and ask for understanding!!

I’m sick and it doesn’t show. I’m tired but not only because of lack of sleep. I’m sad but not because I lost something. And I’m angry but just because I’m fed up with this!

I’ve tried and done every trick in the book. Breathing, exercising, therapy and keep on fighting . I know it’s an never ending story and my battle is far from over. Have I accepted this? No… will I? Well I will tell you if I do. And I want to… Like i know Im gonna be the winner in the END…

But right now my anxiety have its own schedule and we’re constant fighting over who’s on top.

But today I’m number one. Anxiety is there but not in charge. I got out of bed, I made myself staring my chores and hells gonna freeze over before the fat lady sings!!!

Have a great day and hopefully your in charge today too❤️


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