You’re not me and I’m not you, but still….

This last couple of days I’ve been thinking more and more about what we who suffers with mental illnesses actually are going trough. We live in a world with a ton of sickness, diagnoses and meds. And I guess one of the things many of us are all experiencing, is to accept that we actually are «sick». I put it like that since I hate calling myself sick even though I know it’s true.

I’ve been talking to so many lately and most of them tell me the same things

When I talk about how I feel they often tell my how bad their life is instead of listen

This is something I can say for sure been a problem for me as well. Some ppl make it a «competition » about feeling worse. They say oooh or that’s not good and instant start talking about how bad they hurt. Ofc it’s a two way conversation, but let the one talking be done first when they finally open up.

I feel they don’t believe me and think I’m lazy!

I think this is one of the major problem we meet out there. Getting judged so fast. I’m personally so sick of feeling that I have to defend my mental issues and prove I’m really «that sick» just to get them of my back. You never call a person in a wheel chair lazy for not get up and walk. And when you have mental illness it can feel like that sometimes. Totally paralyzing.

We all have days like that…

Yeah yeah, we know every damn person have bad days and periods they suffer trough pain or other things. But we don’t tell them to suck it up and that we also have bad days… My problems are as important as yours. It just feels different. You should never tell someone with long time depression that we all have bad days . It makes us feel even more useless, guilty and strictly more depressed . We know the days will get better some day but we don’t know when.

You need to get out more!

Okey, let me see here…. I struggle to get out of bed and even sometimes go to the store and I just need to get out there? Yes we need air and to push ourself to get better , but it doesn’t help when someone push us without helping us get there. If you want to help, come to my house and take me for a walk in the neighborhood. Or make me dinner and ask me what I need right now to feel safe.

It’s better to work and provide for yourself than depend on others

First I must say I really, really admire all who manage to have a job and work on their self at the same time. That takes more than anyone can know. But here’s the important part: we’re all different. What works for me doesn’t work for you and visa versa. I mean A person who simply can’t do it for a long time feels guilty enough without the reminder of others that you’re not good enough if you don’t make money the same way they do. And that you can’t rely on others. So what are we suppose to do? I live on welfare after so many years fighting and did my best to work and do the normal thing. But you see… the heaviest work I’ve ever done is me!!! It takes every day and 100 % of my strength.

So to summon up this:

I’m not you and you’re not me!!! But respect me as I respect you. I’m only a human and I deserve the best.

Hope you all find some good reading in this and plz comment if you have something you wanna share❤️

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  1. This is a great post. 🙂 Can relate to not wanting to think about myself as sick and not fully accepting it despite I know it. And yeah, if people understood that all the people with any kind of mental illness can suffer as much as people with visible, physical illnesses, or sometimes more, that would be a huge step forward. I also have seen it multiple times- I, or anyone else, is talking to a person about how crappy they feel or something like that and they don’t even let them finish because they want to be heard first. It’s so discouraging since for many of us it is a huge deal to open up to anyoe, and we get a communicate it’s actually worthless and waste of our energy to open up to people since they don’t care neither way. And you’re absolutely right that we’re all different. Even when peopletwo have depression, each of them has different symptoms and copes with them in a different way. THis applies to not only mental illnesses, but also any kind of disabilities, imo. Being blind, I hate it more than anything when some «wise» and «experienced» people try to tell me that I «should» do this or that because they saw another blind person who does it and manages. OK, but why DO I need to be her? Why shouldn’t she be me and, let’s say, learn to speak Swedish? 😀 And I wonder whether all these people actually ever thought I might have some other things to deal in life besides my blindness. So yeah it’s all sooo annoying. A bit lengthy, but that’s all that came to my mind as I read your post. 🙂

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    1. Ty ty so much for your respond and it feels good to know what I write is something that ppl who suffer really care about and we all wanna change;) respect the differences is more important then any other thing. ❤️


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