A break from myself

Good afternoon all my lovely bloggers and followers. Im sitting here with my cup of organic blackberry tea and just relax.. It’s actually the most relaxed I’ve been in days and I don’t wanna waste a minute of it.

Earlier today I was just doing my usual thing. Sitting on the couch and gaming, when I suddenly kinda woke up and felt it was about time I got my ass out of here! It’s been days since I walked or even got out of the house by myself. So I put on my nice workout clothes, music in my ears and just started to walk… Halfway there I found a nice spot by the water and just lay down for a minute

It’s the best therapy I could get today!!! Feeling of the sun on my skin, and just listened to the waves and the birds. I let go of all the stress, bad thoughts and didn’t had a care in the world💙

Finally Malta is giving me the best again. Been waiting for this for months and it’s so easy to forget all the free stuff you have all around you . Ofc this is a good day and I know there will be bad days coming where I will «forget» this all over again. But not now. Just love for the moment and no one can take that away from me!!!

I wanna have as a goal for myself to take this walk at least twice a week. Small steps that can give me major confidence, better health and clear my mind. I have nothing to loose☺️

What have you been doing lately to give yourself a break???

Xoxo 💋


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      1. You look so calm and relax on the photo. 🙂 I’ve never been to Malta but a friend went there for a vacation. Really love her photos. Will surely put it on mt bucket list to visit.

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      2. Ty;) yes I was so full of anxiety before I went out and the walk and the sea calmed me down😉 Malta is definitely worth visit. So much culture and ppl always comes back

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  1. I take walks in the afternoon. It is always my happy time. I love taking these kinds of breaks! It’s a good form of self love! Love the pictures!

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