So we did it again

Yes we did it again… Once again we have moved to a new place here in Malta . This time the decision was pretty much taken for us. Our room mate decided he didn’t wanna live with us anymore. And started to move without even telling us. So we had to find a place real fast.

So where did we end up this time??

In Marsaxlokk!!!

We have talked about it for almost a year that we wanted to move to the south of the island . It’s so beautiful here. Less tourists and more silence.

Before I wrote about a beach called pretty bay. And now we live close to this lovely beach.

So back to Marsaxlokk. It’s a small traditional fishing village. And a must see if your visiting the island.

Every Sunday they have their market where you can buy everything from fish to cheap shoes.

They also have restaurants all along the water where you can enjoy one of your best meals from the sea….

All and all I like it here. To get away from the stressful Sliema where we just lived. So nice to wake up and hear the birds instead of machines and construction workers with their constant yelling and using the car horn!!!

Yesterday I took a long walk . Sun in my face and music in my ears.

So I welcome the spring and will enjoy this new town, new ppl and perhaps a new beginning💙


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