I have a 19 year old son😲❤️

Today is my oldest sons birthday and I can’t believe he’s already 19!! Boy do I feel old today😂 Feels like yesterday I was sitting at my friends house in labor,waiting to go to the hospital.. I was only 19 myself and had no clue what I was in for …

Here he is only 4 weeks old. And yes he still makes the weirdest faces😂 I’m so happy I went to a friend at the time who wanted to be a photographer , and she took many beautiful pictures of him. And he really made her work hard to get the pictures…

He has become a young, handsome man. Living by himself and has a girlfriend. I often forget how grown up he really is. In my heart he’s my little boy. My firstborn and that will never change…. A mom knows this feeling…

I love to look in the album. He made me laugh so much as a baby. And as you can see he loved food. He ate everything you gave him… or he could find in he’s way:)

Here he is 5 years old(and me a lot younger) . He didn’t live with me so our time together was so important to me. I’ve lost a lot of time with him, and that’s why I’m so happy we finally have a great relationship today .


He is so funny, and really show ppl he cares. Ofc like every other teenager he tries to find he’s purpose and where to go in he’s life. But I’m so proud and know he will do good❤️

So happy birthday my boy❤️love you so much


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