Our valentine

Good Thursday morning all and be late happy valentine❤️

I know there’s so many of you who’s single and feel that it’s depressing to be alone on a day like valentines. And there’s also so many that doesn’t even care about this day. I would lie if I said I didn’t care, but on the other hand I don’t care if I don’t get the flowers or jewelry. We don’t need a special day to celebrate love. Love is what you do every day. The small things. A look, a touch or just say I love you.

My fiancé and I talked about it yesterday when he made me dinner. Like he does almost every day. ( or we do together) He said no matter what he’s kind of angry about this day. He feels the pressure as a man that he has failed since he didn’t buy flowers etc etc… What happened to the society??? A simple day is gonna make men feel down because they couldn’t buy their girl some flowers. ???

I have to say that he really wanted to but we have other priorities . We just moved and that cost a lot of money. And it really doesn’t have to cost anything to make your man or woman happy.

So my valentine was to spend time with him. He made me sit down with a foot bath, and he made dinner. We watched Sons of Anarchy and talked. He was there!!! He asked about me, my day and gave me he’s time!! And that my grind is love❤️

Happy next 365 days folks😻


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  1. Valentine’s day is just another day in my book! Love should be shown randomly, not on one day that everyone celebrates! My other half and I agreed not to get each other anything, but then later on we talked that night how we felt bad because we didn’t get each other anything. Even though we talked about it a week before hand! We got over it of course. Just weird cause if it was any other day we wouldn’t have felt bad. It’s a holiday we can chose whether or not to celebrate. I feel though even if we chose not to celebrate it, no matter what there will always be that little anticipation of celebrating that day.

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    1. Yes it’s just any other day… someone has decided that this day is to celebrate love , but turned it all just to make money… a lot of money.. and these days where so many of us don’t have that much to spend it’s ridiculous how we feel the pressure. And you’re so right that no matter what we feel we have to do something that day.

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  2. I am happy for you that you had such a nice Valentines day. I also don’t care for things like flowers. Sure, it’s nice when you get them and when your significant other remembers about it in days like these, but it’s definitely not so very important thing to care about it too much. And you’re right we actually don’t need such days, because we should show our beloved people that we love them every day, not only on Valentines, but it’s nice that such days exist so people who are in relationships can celebrate their love a bit more tan usual. Sounds like you both had a nice day so it is great. 🙂

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