Wanna hear god laugh….

A couple of months ago my fiancé got he’s very first tattoo. Was a present from me on he’s birthday and i loved it. The ironic part is that it fits our life so much…

Want to hear god laugh, tell him your plans!

Well, let’s just say he’s been laughing a lot these last months. We have come to realize we can’t make plans at all. They always either end up in disaster or not happening at all🙈 How can two ppl end up in so many messy situations??

I wouldn’t care so much if it wasn’t for the fact that 90% of it is stuff we can’t control.

Another saying is that you don’t get more than you can handle! Haha well jokes on us…. were obviously two pretty strong ppl who can handle our shit! (Sorry my language but I always speak directly. )

Our life together has become rather stressful and still we are standing so strong. I guess that’s what you call true love??? Neither of us is perfect and make more than one mistake. But when other ppl make problems for us and it just keeps on coming, that’s when the stress starts. For one problem we solve, there’s about tree new once.

So we can’t do anything other then solve the best we can and laugh when it’s to much…

so many times lately when something happens, my fiancé just points at his tattoo, laugh and shake his head😂

Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday and thank god it’s almost Friday!!!


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