I’m proud of my blog

Wow this is for me a big milestone. And I feel I have deserved it. Not bad for a girl with anxiety and who’s afraid that ppl won’t like me or to do wrong. When I started the blog it was a bit on impulse, but I’m so happy I did. I read so many interesting blogs, and many of them gives me courage to share more of myself. I even shared a tear or 10.

I still after so many months read close to every blog that’s been posted. Even if I’m busy for a weekend I scroll back to Friday and start there. And I can really tell you it takes time to do this. But for me my support to you are as important as the support you all give me;)

I’m not a «writer» . I talk straight from the heart and can sometimes fall in the trap of censor myself to much. But I will get there eventually.

So ty to all my fellow bloggers and followers .

Also wanted to share what my fiancé gave me for our anniversary. It’s been 18 months. For me every thing is worth to celebrate. Life’s short so show that you care❤️

Take care all…

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  1. Congrats! I’ve got the same milestone and it feel amazing doesn’t It! Keep up the good work, you’ve gained another follower from Me!

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