Winter can be beautiful

Good sunday everyone;) I’m not a winter person. Give me a beach and something cold to drink and I’m happy. That’s why I live in Malta!!

But winter can be beautiful . And here you can se how a real winter in Norway looks like:

When I came here January 9 it started to snow.. I mean a lot!!

So I can honestly say I wish I was 5 years old again and could enjoy this snow. But I’m lazy, freeze easily and just don’t want too😂

Haha we were gonna take a trip and the snow was up to the car door😲 we had to dig the car out of the snow before we could leave.

The last few years we haven’t had this much snow. Usually more ice and rain. To see green grass on Christmas was not unusual. And I missed real winter. But this was a bit to much ….

How is winter where you live??


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