My new year!

I have been thinking and writing, and deleting so many times now. This years first blog has been really hard for me to put down in words. How was really 2017 for me? And can 2018 be any different? So I have decided not to write a long post about it. I rather wanna share the best/ or worst of me.

I’ve seen so many of you writing about all you have achieved or want to achieve, and I’m happy to see so many goals and dreams come true . I have looked at your Christmas blogs and felt a bit jealous when I saw the families and friends together. But don’t get me wrong. I want the best for everyone.

2017 has been so rough and filled with stress, heavy anxiety and depression since February. I’ve been fighting some of my hardest battles and lost. Lost some close to me and I’m still standing tall!!!

So when I was sitting here thinking about how my blog is gonna look like this year, I have decided to be more honest and really share the things I think about every day. It’s gonna be hard, and I know I’m gonna get blended feedback. But I will take it all and if my posts can help at least one person I will be happy💙

So cheers for a new year, a honest year and hopefully a new me!!!



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  1. Happy new Year lovely! I completely understand 2017 not being great (I’ve got a post coming next week about all the hurdles I had to jump) but without the hurdles you wouldn’t be the strong person you are now. Your day to day posts will be great 😘


      1. We were heading to Oslo from Tenerife on New Year Eve and eventually reached home at 11.45 p.m so we were welcomed by the amazing fireworks in the neighbourhood. Not bad isn’t it 😉😊

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  2. 2017 wasn’t a great year for me too hey but l guess what really matters is taking note of all the moments that made us happy. I current favourite quote is «At the end of the day you could either choose to focus on what’s keeping you together or what’s tearing you apart» 💖. I wish you happiness and healing this year 🌻

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