We all know it.. read it.. hear it.. and everywhere we look there’s advertise for food. And that food makes you happy and it’s the glue in so many events.

But does it really makes you happy??

Right now I’m sitting here and feel bad about the croissant I just ate!! Why? First of all because I’m one of the million ppl who’s unhappy with my body. I used to be a really big girl and still after a big of weight loss, I’m still not happy. So why am I sabotaging for myself ? I hate the feeling I get afterwards…

I love food!!! To much..:: And I guess I’m kind of addicted to the feeling some food gives me. You know, the feeling you get when your upset, sad etc and you get a piece of chocolate in your mouth??? Makes you forget it for like a second. And like any other addiction you need more and more to still the craving. No wonder they say sugar is like heroin.

This is what my mind and body wants when I feel bored, stressed , depressed, or any bad feeling at all. I’m totally out of control. And I made that chaos!! I used to be so good with the food and workout. Then I was the one in control!!! And I slept better… and everyone with mental issues know how much trouble we can have sleeping.

Because I actually like fish, vegetables and fruit. But it doesn’t satisfy me. Like any other addiction I’m hocked on the bad:(

I have started to read more now about the effect of food when it comes to mental illness. And to see how many of these things I eat so often is a bit scary. Just take coffee !! If you’re struggling with anxiety caffeine makes it worse. Same with sugar and fat!

And even though we know all this, it’s the first thing we eat or drink to «feel» better .

When we don’t eat!!!

Another issue here is the days, or periods where we don’t eat. Feel no hunger at all. And if we eat , it’s like a banana here and a soup there . Or you can also feel hunger, but you’re so sick of food. Nothing looks good or smell right. And to cook!!??? Hell no!! So if you’re gonna eat, then it’s take out or nothing🙈

So there’s the bad circle. No wonder so many struggle with the weight or self confidence. That’s why I hate all the diet adds. The miracle pills, the perfectly fit men and women standing there and telling you it’s wrong to eat something other then the clean food.

Hopefully I will be able to end my bad circle on this and take the control back. If your having any experience or advice plz feel free to share;)

And in the end I just wanna say: we are suppose to enjoy food. Not make it our enemy!!!

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  1. This winter holiday I ate a lot of unhealthy food and I’m not even feel bad about it. Well, I can say it wasn’t fast food because I kinda hate it but Romanian food is so delicious and unhealthy but you can’t resist I think especially when everyone is eating it. Well haha that’s my story.

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      1. Good point. Unfortunately my body often doesn’t give me an immediate slap in the face. The more delayed yucky feeling tends to be less of a motivator. I think what helps me the most is not keeping junk food in the house.

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